1. An Unikely Place
    Steve Hirsh, Zoh Amba, Luke Stewart

  2. Thinking Unthinking
    Chad Fowler, William Parker, Anders Griffen

  3. Ella's Island
    Blue Reality Quartet

  4. The Deep
    Joel Futterman, William Parker, Chad Fowler, Steve Hirsh

  5. Drum Major Instinct
    Jeff Arnal, Curt Cloninger

  6. Mellifluous Excursions Vol. 1 - Where You Been
    Chad Anderson

  7. Sparks
    Eri Yamamoto, Chad Fowler, William Parker, Steve Hirsh

  8. Old Stories
    Matthew Shipp, Chad Fowler

  9. Ebb & Flow
    Joel Futterman, Chad Fowler, Steve Hirsh

  10. Notice That There
    George Cartwright, Steve Hirsh, Chad Fowler, Christopher Parker, Kelley Hurt

  11. (D)IVO
    (D)IVO Saxophone Quartet

  12. Magic Dust
    Ivo Perelman Quartet

  13. Dancing Shadows
    Tyler Mitchell featuring Marshall Allen

  14. Timeless Moments
    Joel Futterman, Chad Fowler

  15. Smooth FreeJazz
    Dave Sewelson

  16. Stick Insect
    George Cartwright, Dave King, Josh Granowski

  17. Warp & Weft
    Joel Futterman, Steve Hirsh

  18. Park Hill Saudade
    Chad Fowler, Christopher Parker

  19. Soul Food
    Christopher Parker & the Band of Guardian Angels

  20. Two Five None
    Chad Fowler, Steve Hirsh

  21. Personal Myths
    Daniel Levin and Mat Maneri

  22. Playing Retention
    Daniel Carter & Jim Clouse

  23. Blue Reality Quartet!
    Michael Marcus, Joe McPhee, Jay Rosen, Warren Smith

  24. Watching and Listening
    Rob Brown & Daniel Levin

  25. The Bond

  26. You Know When It's Time
    Original Mind

  27. Shamanism
    Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp, and Joe Morris

  28. No Tears Suite
    Christopher Parker & Kelly Hurt

  29. Nothing But Love
    Kelley Hurt, Chad Fowler, Christopher Parker, Bernard Santacruz, Anders Griffen

  30. quartets/trios/duos
    Borah Bergman, Perry Robinson, Steve Swell, Ray Sage

  31. Lacrimosa
    Chad Fowler & WC Anderson

  32. A Tribute to Alvin Fielder, Live at Vision Festival XXIV
    Edward "Kidd" Jordan, Joel Futterman, William Parker, Hamid Drake

  33. Amalgam
    Ivo Perelman & Matthew Shipp

  34. More Music for a Free World
    Dave Sewelson

  35. Garden Party


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